(365/365) My Top Ten

So, it appears back on day 289 I mistakenly repeated the number 288. That’s thrown the total off. Whoops! Yesterday’s was actually post 365. To fill today’s final and needed slot I decided to throw in my favorite top ten of the year (instead of going back and correcting the numbers on the last 77 posts). So, here they are.

At first, I thought it was too much of my kids and my family, but they say to shoot what you love and dammit I love them so much. So, I’m cool with it.

Overall forcing myself to take pics and post every day was a rewarding experience. I think I even ended up taking a handful of pretty good shots. I wouldn’t say I’m any better of a photographer. Though then again, I don’t even call myself a photographer. There are people out there that take far, far better images. The way I think of it is I like to take pictures and I’ll continue to do so. And hopefully I will get “better” — and in better I mean I find I’m more confident in controlling my camera and framing my subject.

A few more things I will say: Carrying a camera — a real camera, not a silly phone — really makes you look at the world (not to mention takes far better pictures). I love that and hope I never lose that curiosity of the world around me. Secondly, documenting your year helped me realize how many wonderful memories we created and preserved. We did a lot of fun stuff together as a family this year and I already know I will look back at these photos some day and be very glad they exist. And lastly, I want to say thanks to the two-dozen or so folks who liked my posts every day. I appreciate that.

Happy 2018.